Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate and Postdoctoral Programs

Medical Faculty Association Awards

Travel Awards for Graduate Students & Postdocs

The Medical Faculty Association offers travel awards to graduate students twice per year. No award will exceed $600. These awards are generated by an endowment that was graciously given the University with the intent to subsidize travel costs of our highly motivated trainees.

Instructions: To submit an application, please complete all of the forms in this packet and upload as a single PDF document here.

A completed packet should contain the following:
  1. Item A: A copy of your accepted abstract – Note: Your abstract must be accepted before you submit an application for an MFA Travel Award and the travel must not yet have occurred.
  2. Item B: Your completed biosketch
  3. Item C: A signed acknowledgment from your mentor

All three items can be downloaded here.

Application Timeline

Fall Applications
August 15Application Opens
September 24Application Closes at 11:59pm (Extended due to Hurricane)
4th week of SeptemberFaculty review/score applications
1st week of OctoberOGPS compiles scores and prepares award letters
2nd week of OctoberOGPS notifies applicants of status
Spring Applications
January 17Application Opens
February 17Application Closes at 11:59pm
February 20th – March 3rdFaculty review/score applications
3rd week of MarchOGPS compiles scores and prepares award letters
4th week of MarchOGPS notifies applicants of status