Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

Neuroscience Research Day

This annual event has grown to include over 100 posters from neuroscientists from the greater South Florida research community including our neighboring colleges, universities, and scientific research institutions.

The keynote lecture and poster session are wonderful opportunities for students, postdocs, faculty, and other researchers to meet, share their research, and develop valuable contacts for networking and future collaborations.

After the lecture, students, faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and scientific staff from various South Florida universities displayed research posters in the Schoninger Quadrangle adjacent to the Lois Pope LIFE Center.

If you would like to present a poster or would simply like to attend the next event in December, feel free to contact William Orta at neuroscience@miami.edu.

Research Day Keynote Speakers:

2017 Kelsey Martin, MD, PhD
Regulating Gene Expression During Long-Term Memory
2016 Catherine Dulac, PhD
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Harvard University
Molecular and Neural Architecture of Social Behavior Circuits in the Mouse
2015 Lin Mei, PhD
Georgia Regents University
Synapses, Muscular Dystrophies and Brain Disorders
2014 Henry A. Lester, PhD
Inside-Out Pharmacology of Nicotinic and (perhaps) Psychiatric Drugs
2013 Gail Mandel, PhD
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Repressors and Glia: Life Support for Neurons
2012 John T. Povlishock, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
Traumatic Axonal Injury: How Focal Axolemmal Perturbation Triggers an Avalanche of Neuronal Somatic and Synaptic Alterations
2011 Yishi Jin, PhD
New York University
Common Themes and New Regulators in Axon Regeneration: Insights from C. Elegant Genetics
2010 Christine Holt, MD
Cambridge University, England
Genetic Analysis of Neurodegeneration
2009 Jack McMahan, PhD
Texas A&M
What Electron Tomography is Telling Us About How Synaptic Active Zones Function
2005 Jenny Ting, PhD
UNC Chapel Hill
Neuroinflammation in Diseases: Friend or Foe
2004 Christine Holt, MD
Cambridge University, England
How Axons Navigate from the Eye to the Brain
2003 Thomas Südhof, MD
University of Texas
Molecular Mechanisms Governing Neurotransmitter Release
2002 Ron McKay, PhD
From Stem Cells to Synapses in the Central Nervous System
2001 Nicholas Spitzer, PhD
UC San Diego
Breaking the Code: Neuronal Differentiation Regulated by Frequencies of Calcium Transients
2000 Mark Konishi, PhD
Brain Mechanisms of Sound Localization
1998 Dr. Marcus E. Raichle, MD
Washington University in St. Louis
School of Medicine
A Mysterious Medial Parietal Area
1997 Ursula Bellugi, EdD
The Salk Institute
Language, Cognition and Brain Organization