Universtiy of Miami Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies

Program Tracks

Medical Track

Perfect, if your goal is to go to medical school. You will take core courses that cover many of the same topics in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, and physiology as first year medical students. Your performance in these courses will demonstrate your readiness for medical school. You will shadow physicians and participate in clinical research. You will also have an advisor who will provide guidance for your medical applications.

Research Track

Our research track is designed for students excited by biomedical research whose goals include earning a doctoral degree. Apart from core courses, you will choose biostatistics, bioinformatics and other research related courses. Laboratory research with top-notch scientists will help you develop a compelling portfolio for your application to graduate school.

Drug Discovery Track

This track is aimed at students interested in a career in pharmaceutics and builds on expertise at the Miller School of Medicine in Drug Discovery. Apart from core coursework, you can choose from a variety of research and drug discovery related courses. Practical research in translational and screening laboratories will get you ready for the next phase of your life.