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Research in transplantation biology seeks to understand the biological and immunological hurdles in the transplantation of human tissue from one individual to another. Graft rejection can be a problem when the recipient's immune system sees the graft as foreign and launches an attack against it. In Graft versus Host Disease (GvHD) the numerous T cells in grafts of bone marrow see the tissues of the recipient as foreign antigen and mount an immune attack against them. Research in this area seeks to overcome these and other complications associated with tissue tranplant.

Robert Levy and Eckhard Podack - The application of genetically engineered and functionally deficient T cells in allogenic bone marrow transplantation

Laphalle Fuller and Violeta Esquenazi - Donor bone marrow and transplant T and B cell regulation; Regulator T and B cell circuits in transplantation; Immunoregulation in the biology of transplantation and autoimmune disease; Living related donor bone marrow immunoregulation in kidney transplants

Eckhard Podack and Robert Levy - Pathophysiology of perforin expression in autoimmunity and transplantation

Roland Jurecic - In utero stem cell transplantation; Developmental plasticity of hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells

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