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The switching on and off of genes is important in the activation of immune system cells and for the generation of proteins needed in the immune response. Moreover, during development, differentiating cells destined for different roles in the immune system exhibit characteristic patterns of gene expression. By manipulating and studying patterns of expression, researchers hope to elucidate the signals and mechanisms responsible for regulating the development and function of the immune system.

Bonnie Blomberg - Regulation and activation of human lambda immunoglobulin genes and lambda-like genes in B lymphocyte differentiation

Sheldon Greer - Radiosensitization of Tumors with a DNA constituent analog; Re-expression of silenced genes by a hypomethylating agent, Zebularine

Edward Harhaj - NF-kB signal transduction and gene expression in T lymphocytes

Roland Jurecic - Molecular mechanisms of hematopoietic stem cell and progenitor lineage commitment and differentiation; Functional genomics and mouse knockout models of blood cell development and leukemogenesis
Wasif Khan -

Mathias Lichtenheld - Molecular characterization of perforin gene regulation; Molecular characterization of granzyme B gene regulation

Thomas Malek - The molecular basis of interleukin 2 receptor mediated ligand binding and internalization

George Munson - Virulence factors of enterotoxigenic E. coli

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