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Life in Miami, FL
Miami is a rapidly growing, multiethnic, cosmopolitan community.  It offers a wide variety of films, concerts, opera, ballet, and theatrical performances, and several fine museums. Home of the Miami Heat, the area is a sports mecca, home to professional teams from the NFL, NBA and NHL and has national-caliber college teams in football and baseball.
Admission to the MD/PhD Program is highly competitive, and interested applicants are advised to apply early in the fall. AMCAS applications must be received at the Office of Admissions at the UMMSM no later than December 1st.  Secondary applications are due by January 15th.  All applicants to the MD/PhD Program must fulfill the academic requirements of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Please be sure to visit the Miller School of Medicine Admissions page.
The completed application should contain a research narrative and two letters of recommendation from scientists who specifically address their potential as a physician scientist. One of these must come from a scientist with whom the student performed research. Composite evaluations from a premedical advisory committee cannot be substituted for these letters. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required for matriculation into the MD/PhD Program.
MD/PhD applicants are reviewed by the MD and the MD/PhD Program Admissions Committees. These evaluations proceed independently and a student will still be considered for the MD program, even after an unfavorable review by the MD/PhD Program.  A successful applicant is granted admission to both the MD Program and the MD/PhD Program.
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