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Jaime  Merchan, M.D., MMSc Jaime Merchan, M.D., MMSc
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Research Summary
"My research interests include tumor angiogenesis, development of novel vascular targeted therapies for cancer, and identification of tumor and blood angiogenesis biomarkers that may serve as predictive or monitoring tools for cancer patients during treatment"
305-243-4909 (ph)
305-243-9161 (fax)
Enrique A. Mesri, Ph.D. Enrique A. Mesri, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Director of Graduate Program
Research Summary
"Molecular, cellular and genetic mechanisms of viral carcinogenesis of Kaposi sarcoma. Activation of tumor angiogenesis and genetic instability by the Kaposi sarcoma herpesvirus/ KSHV."
305-243-5659 (ph)
305-243-8309 (fax)
Room 109B (office), 134 (lab) Papanicolaou Cancer Research Building
Richard S. Myers, Ph.D. Richard S. Myers, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Research Summary

The mechanics of inheritance, DNA damage repair and its consequences, genome engineering using viral recombinases.

(305) 243-2056 (ph)
(305) 243-3065 (fax)
Shunbin  Ning, Ph.D. Shunbin Ning, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Research Summary
My laboratory research is focused on viral malignancies, specifically  the Epstein-Barr “EBV/HHV4” tumor virus, regulation and function of IRF7 in innate immunity and EBV latency; evasion of innate immune responses by EBV, and EBV latency and Oncogenesis.
305-243-5614 (ph)
305-243-5885 (fax)
514 Pap Bldg 1550 NW 10th Avenue M877
Savita  Pahwa, M.D. Savita Pahwa, M.D.
Professor, Microbiology & Immunology (Pediatrics and Medicine Director, Miami CFAR (Center for AIDS Research)
Research Summary
I am a physician scientist, pediatrician and immunologist with expertise in human immunology.  My clinical and research background is in Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases and HIV/AIDS.  Over the past several years my research focus has been in immunopathogenesis of HIV/AIDS in children with vertical transmission of HIV-1 and adults with behaviorally transmitted infection.  Advances in combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) have changed HIV/AIDS from an acute fatal infection to one of survival and controlled virus replication but requires daily life-long treatment medications and is complicated by early development of diseases associated with aging.  Currently, my research efforts are directed at understanding the spectrum of immune defects that persist despite virologic control in HIV/AIDS across different ages, from childhood to old age. I am interested in the role of immune activation and inflammation in causing immune dysfunction and end organ diseases, use of influenza vaccine as a probe to evaluate immune competence/ immunologic impairment, role of T follicular helper cells and interleukin 21 in antibody responses, mechanisms of persistence of HIV-1 in “reservoirs” despite ART, vaccines for HIV-1 prevention and immunotherapeutic strategies to achieve a cure for HIV/AIDS.  At University of Miami I am the Director of the Miami Center for AIDS Research (Miami CFAR) and I also direct the CFAR’s Laboratory Sciences Core (Core D). I have expertise in advanced immunophenotyping for cell surface markers and intracellular molecules by flow cytometry using 14 color panels, B cell functions, Luminex assays for cytokines, gut microbial translocation assays, transcription factors and cellular pathways. At the University of Miami I work closely with investigators engaged in HIV clinical programs to address pathogenesis questions in clinical trials. 
305-243-7732 (ph)
305-243-7211 (fax)
Room 712 (office), 708 (lab) Batchelor Children's Research Institute
Michael S. Schmale, Ph.D. Michael S. Schmale, Ph.D.
Professor, Marine Biology and Fisheries
Research Summary
"Development and study of aquatic animal models of disease processes, with an emphasis on cancer. Current research programs include: (1) studies of a unique virus-like agent which causes peripheral nervous system and pigment cell tumors in bicolor damselfish on Florida reefs, (2) vector design and optimization of transgenesis in zebrafish, (3) investigation of the effects of toxins from harmful agal blooms using zebrafish and (4) health and husbandry of California sea hares, Aplysia californica, used in neurobiological research."
305-421-4140 (ph)
305-421-4600 (fax)
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
Walter  A. Scott, Ph.D. Walter A. Scott, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and Professor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology
Research Summary
Replication machinery of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Biochemistry of HIV reverse transcriptase.
(305) 243-6359 (ph)
(305) 243-3342 (fax)
Room 216, Gautier Building
Noula  Shembade, Ph.D. Noula Shembade, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
Research Summary
  • Regulation of NF-κB and inflammation
  • RNA tumor Virus (HTLV-1)
  • IFNAR1/2 and IFN-YR signaling
  • Inflammasome
  • Cell death

305-243-7893 (ph)
305-243-6410 (fax)
Room 503 (office), 519 (lab) Papanicolaou Cancer Research Building
Mario  Stevenson, Ph.D. Mario Stevenson, Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine
Research Summary
AIDS Pathogenesis and neuropathogenesis. Viral persistence and reservoirs. Therapeutic strategies for HIV/AIDS.
305-243-2689 (ph)
305-243-8799 (fax)
Room 109, Two Story Lab (TSL)
Geoffrey W. Stone, Ph.D. Geoffrey W. Stone, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Group Leader, HIV Program, Dodson Interdisciplinary Immunotherapy Institute
Research Summary
HIV Vaccines and Molecular Adjuvants to Enhance Immune Memory Responses
305-243-2189 (ph)
305-243-7211 (fax)
Room 743 (office), 708 (lab) Batchelor Children's Research Institute
Michal  Toborek, M.D., Ph.D. Michal Toborek, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Vice Chair for Research
Research Summary
Studies on the integrity of the blood-brain barrier (BBB)
and how different pathological conditions can lead to the
disruption and/or dysfunction of the BBB.
305-243-0230 (ph)
305-243-3955 (fax)
Room 516, R. Bunn Gautier Building (Locator R-629)
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