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Gayle Dakof, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health

305-243-3656 (office)

305-243-4417 (fax)

Center for Families Studies, Room 210 B

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Curriculum Vitae

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Research Interests
Long-term outcomes of adolescents in drug treatment, family-based interventions within the family drug court context, and research on the adaptation and adoption of empirically-supported treatment in non-research, community settings.

Recent Publications
Dakof, G.A.; Cohen, J.B.; Henderson, C. E.; Duarte, E.; Boustani, M.; Blackburn, A., Venzer, S.E.; & Hawes, S. (2010) A randomized pilot study of the engaging moms program for family drug court. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 38, 263-274.
Henderson, C., Dakof, G.A., Greenbaum, P., & Liddle, H. A. (2010) Effectiveness of multidimensional family therapy with higher severity substance-abusing adolescents: Report from two randomized controlled trials. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology .
Dakof, G.A., Cohen, J.B., Duarte, E. (2009). Increasing family reunification for substance-abusing mothers and their children: Comparing two drug court interventions in Miami. Juvenile and Family Court Journal, 60, 11- 23.
Henderson, C.E., Rowe, C.L., Dakof, G.A., Hawes, S. W., Liddle, H.A. (2009). Parenting practices as mediators of treatment effects in an early-intervention trial of multidimensional family therapy. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 35, 220-226.
Liddle, H. A., Rowe, C. R., Dakof, G. A., Henderson, C., & Greenbaum, P. (2009). Multidimensional Family Therapy for early adolescent substance abusers: Twelve month outcomes of a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.
Liddle, H.A., Dakof, G.A., Turner, W. M., Henderson, C., & Greenbaum, P. (2008). Treating
adolescent drug abuse: A randomized trial comparing multidimensional family therapy and cognitive behavior therapy. Addiction, 103, 1660-1670.
Rodriguez, R.A., Henderson, C.E., Rowe, C. L., Burnett, K. F., Dakof, G. A., & Liddle, H. A. (2007). Acculturation and drug use among dually diagnosed Hispanic adolescents. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, 6, 97-113.
Henderson, C.E, Dakof, G. A., Schwartz, S. J., & Liddle H. A. (2006). Family functioning, self-concept, and severity of adolescent externalizing problems. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 15, 719-729.
Liddle, H. A., Rowe, C. L., A Gonzalez, Henderson, C. E., Dakof, G. A., & Greenbaum, P.E. (2006). Changing provider practices, program environment and improving outcomes by transporting Multidimensional Family Therapy to an adolescent drug treatment setting. The American Journal of Addictions, 15, 102-112.
Robbins, M. S., Liddle, H. A., Turner, C.W., Dakof, G. A., Alexander, J. F., & Kogan, S. M. (2006). Adolescent and parent therapeutic alliances as predictors of dropout in Multidimensional Family Therapy. Journal of Family Psychology, 20,108-116.

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